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Just Get Organized  Today! Productivity Coaching

It is common for individuals to employ a Productivity Advisor in order to help them to productively navigate through their personal & professional opportunities & challenges.


We believe that people have a much easier transition through change when they identify what is holding them back, acknowledge & utilize the resources and skills they have, & become accountable to themselves.


Coaching is a partnership between the coach & client. It is a thought-provoking & creative process
that inspires one to maximize their personal & professional potential.
Overcome Your Obstacles &
Break Through Barriers!
Identify Gaps Between Where You Are
& Where You Need or Want To Be
Identify & Focus on What Is Important
Work Towards Something Urgent, Compelling or Exciting
Accelerate Results
Create Work & Life Balance
Create Clarity & Make Positive Choices
Identify Existing Gaps in Your
Knowledge, Skills, Confidence & Resources
Gain Confidence & Self Awareness

Get Started with A

Productivity Advisor Today!


We have a pool of established & certified productivity advisors & life or executive coaches to choose from.

For further details visit our About Coaching page.

When I decided to leave my career to open up my own business, I was keen to tell Kris Hunter. Kris has been an incredible cheerleader for me, and this time was no different. I told Kris that despite being excited, I also had a fear of starting my own business because I had failed at one in the past. And so, we set up formal coaching sessions! Every session, she helped me hone in on exactly what I was hoping to achieve through my business, and talked me through my biggest vulnerabilities and areas of confusion. Never once did I worry about being judged. In fact, Kris has a way about her that you, as her client, feel like she's been in your shoes a million times before. Her incredible level of empathy and understanding were followed by her suggestions for tangible actions to take, which left me with several "aha" moments that really propelled me forward. Just knowing that a session was coming up with Kris gave me so much motivation and eagerness; thus, productivity and progress naturally followed. To put it simply, Kris cares. She truly cares to help you. And when someone truly cares to help you, they end up doing just that. So grateful to you Kris. Thanks a million. ~ Natasha Asselstine ~

Happy             Clients

Kris is the kind of person to really take the time to get to know her clients before she begins to assess their needs.  She is extremely positive, patient and professional! The idea of changing careers and being a 100% prepared to get into the competitive job search world was a bit frightening to say the least! After my first session with Kris I felt encouraged that her services would allow me to be very well prepared. Kris is just an amazing person in general but also a professional and reliable business person. I would definitely recommend her. ~ Bonnie Hastings ~

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