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Just Get Organized  Today! Fees


Fee Structure


Our fees are competitive and rank amongst industry standard. We take great pride in our customer service and our work. We aim to exceed expectations every time.


Because we customize each service to meet individual needs, we will also customize a reasonable fee that represents the time, work and quality of G.O. Todays! services.

Depending on the project we will quote an hourly rate or a project fee. 


Relocations & Organizational Fees for Home & Office


Not only do we complete projects and organize space and stuff we can also take care of the logistical details such as:

  • purchase supplies, rental of storage units, shelving, containers, bins etc.

  • garbage or dump disposal

  • hazardous waste disposal

  • "stuff' removal

  • vehicle rental to transport heavy items etc.

  • construction of shelving, etc.

  • moving transportation fees

  • cleaning service

  • organizing and booking required services



We accept company cheques, e-transfer, direct deposit, cash, Visa, or MasterCard. Any late payments will be charged a monthly penalty fee of 8%.


Once we have entered into an agreement of services, 20% of the assessed total will be required as a deposit. The remainder fee must be paid once the services have been completed or as otherwise arranged.


Applicable taxes will be charged for each service provided.


$25 + banking fees will be charged for all NSF cheques.