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Just Get Organized  Today! Relocation Management

G.O. Today!   Manages & Coordinates all or partial logistical details for
the relocation of any size of office environments.

G.O. Today!   Will take care of your office relocation activities & tasks from start to finish.


Our relocation team consists of professional, experienced and insured Project Managers and Move Coordinators. 

We contract & work directly with building contractors, designers, movers, suppliers & relevant vendors, where required.


We work with our client to establish trust, eliminate concerns & meet their requirements & needs.

Office & Commercial Relocations

Having to disrupt your business & services in order to move locations can hinder progress & result in revenue losses.

Managing all of the details pertaining to the relocation of an office is stressful & time consuming.


It doesn't need to.

Allow us to help!

G.O. Today! professionals are efficient, experienced, diverse & will take a lead in the project of managing your:

New Office Design

Reconstruction Project

Purchasing Requirements

Packing & Moving

Discarding Unwanted Items

Re-establishing Into Your New Space

& Any Other Logistical Details


Not only can we do all of these things, we REALLY ENJOY it and take great pride in the process and results!

Allow us to do what we are good at,

so that you can continue to do what you're good at, at work!

We Specialize in Managing Commercial Moves for:

  • Large & small office moves

  • Private & public sector businesses

  • Health care & hospital settings

  • New office renovations or builds

Relocation & Transition Support Includes:
  • Meeting with relevant individuals
  • Arrangement & delivery of moving materials & vehicles
  • Packing
  • Moving preparations

  • Storage arrangements

  • Downsizing

  • Purging & Discarding

  • Travel preparations

  • Disconnecting technology and services

  • Removal of shelving, pictures etc.

  • Disassemble of furniture

  • Arranging & coordinating furniture, equipment and supplies delivery & set-up

  • Ensuring little disruption in day to day operations and activities

  • Cleaning services

  • Guidance & support for movers
  • Manage furniture & item placement

  • Meeting & advising with relevant individuals 

  • Ensuring little disruption in day to day operations and activities

  • Removal of packing materials, waste etc.

  • Cleaning services

  • Key distribution & collection

  • Moving preparations
  • Follow-up w/ Storage arrangements

  • Moving materials

  • Unpacking

  • Furniture & item placement

  • Mounting pictures, shelving etc.

  • Downsizing

  • Purging & Discarding

  • Technology and account hook-ups

  • Arranging & coordinating furniture, equipment and supplies delivery & set-up

  • Meeting with relevant individuals involved in the move

  • Removal of packing materials, waste etc.

  • Cleaning services

The energy & commitment that Kris brought to her work as a Project Move Coordinator for the Clinical Systems Transformation team at Vancouver Coastal Health was seamless and professionally done. She successfully moved 200+ employees from one office environment to another, all while they continued doing their day to day business. She did a great job at managing the construction details and moving logistics. Kris' support was invaluable. I would recommend her for any small or large project work.

~ Janette Maley, VCH ~

Happy             Clients

Kris helped me literally purge and declutter my space. I knew there was a move in the cards and I wanted to be organized so that when the time came, I could just pack up and go. The thought of going through papers, closets and pantries all on my own was really overwhelming and I knew I needed some help. I loved working with Kris as she was goal oriented, helped break down the process and was thoughtful of my space and needs. I have already recommended her to numerous friends and would work with her again in a heartbeat. ~ Joanna Delaney ~

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