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Just Get Organized  Today! Admin. Assistant Support

"As a small business owner my time & attention needed to be focused on my clients & establishing credibility. By hiring a contract Admin. Assistant, I was able to stay on top of my financial records, capture relevant client details, update my social media feeds & keep my papers organized. I also appreciated that I only paid for the time required. I wasn't obligated to find work for her if I didn't have

much to do or if revenues were low that month.

Relying on an Admin. Assistant is worth every penny spent"   

G.O. Today's!   Administration Assistant could be exactly what you need

for your business to help you to be more present & productive.

With the assistance of a professional Administration Assistant,

you have the opportunity to grow your business & attend to the tasks that serve your clients & bring in revenues. 

Administration Assistant

Our trusted, insured, professional & experienced Admin. Assistants are available for one-off projects/tasks or for ongoing & regular support in your office.

You decide what best serves you & when.


We promise it is money well spent.

You will now have the time to focus on growing & developing your business.

We Are Capable of Supporting You in Your Business By:

  • Inputting data

  • Filing confidential & daily documents

  • Reconciling finances

  • Conducting inventory control

  • Customer & employee recognition

  • Customer support

  • Responding to emails

  • Scheduling

  • Researching

  • Sending, receiving & allocating mail & packages

  • Ordering & purchasing supplies

  • Event planning, preparing & hosting

  • Let us know what else we could help you with... this is not the limit of what we can do for you

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