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Just Get Organized  Today! Office Organization

            G.O. Today!   will work with you to:

  • To create an organizing plan

  • Remove clutter

  • Arrange your items

  • Set up your work space for function

  • Create practical systems

Hire G.O. Today!  to help you with:

  • Office Organization

  • Clutter Busting for Renos & Moving

  • Maintaining your Organized Spaces

We will work with you to simplify your space by helping you find balance, restore order & maximize your resources through customized solutions.

What are G.O. Today's!  clients saying?

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Being organized results in calmness.

Being organized releases stress.

Being organized leaves you with extra time.

Being organized provides clarity & focus.

Being organized can save you money.

Being organized will help you find balance.

Being organized just simply feels good.

Being organized = Increased productivity

Home & Office Organization

We Organize & Declutter Anything!

  • Offices - Home & at Work

  • Closets/Cupboards/Drawers/Shelves/Pantry/Desk/Cabinets

  • Basement/Attic/Crawl Spaces

  • Garage/Shed

  • Storage Unit

  • Boat/RV/Vehicle​

  • Paper & Filing systems

  • Email


We Also Provide Home & Office Solutions For:

  • Managing Inventory

  • Storage Planning

  • Space Planning & Placement

  • Managing Paper

  • Managing Electronic Filing


You Name It & We Will Organized It!

Clutter Busting for Renos & Staging

Are you selling your home & have no idea where to begin to preparing it for a quick & profitable sale?

The task of getting rid of years of storage & mementos, along with simplifying & rearranging rooms & furniture

to create a powerful first impression for potential home buyers can be emotional, difficult & time consuming.


Kris can help!

Clutter-Busting & Supporting You with:

  • Purging

  • Staging

  • Storage & elimination arrangements

  • Packing

Mainentance Plans



















Once your system has been established, schedule regular sessions to keep your home &/or office running smoothly.

We can provide regular support with the up-keep of your space & systems, as well as, help you with seasonal transitions.

Maintain Your Organization at Home & in the Office With Help!

  • Basic home or office maintenance tasks

  • Maintaining an inventory of home or office supplies

  • Archiving files & paperwork

  • Maintaining filing systems

  • Swapping seasonal clothing, toys etc.

  • You name it, & we are happy to help!


Happy             Clients

I came to Get Organized Today with a challenge:  Help me find a way to carve out more physical space in my home for me to do creative work, as well as declutter and organize my children’s play space and family room to create a more inviting and less chaotic space for all of us to work and play in.


On my own, I could not see a way to re-organize our shared space in order to meet my goal, and the idea of the work involved with better organizing and decluttering the space was excuse enough for me to procrastinate in getting it done.


Kris worked with me to prioritize my own goals and to approach the process in an organized way. Kris’ approach was supportive and collaborative, and helped me identify exactly what needed to be done, and in what order. Not only do I feel like I have been set upon a clear path to achieving my goal, I have also been shown some new tools that I will be able to apply in other situations in future. Working with Get Organized Today! has been illuminating, satisfying, and an absolute pleasure. I would not hesitate to recommend their services, or use them again in future when I find myself in need of some clarity, support and some sanity!  ~ Sara Walker ~


I work in film and work an average of 16 hours a day for weeks on end, and had also just moved. My belongings were half unpacked, half in boxes, and had (mostly) clean laundry scattered and piled on every surface. I would go home just to shower, change and leave again. When Kris came to my house she calmly said to give her a moment to formulating a plan. 


Moments later I returned and everything was piled into different areas. A mountain of clothes, I was to tackle, while Kris worked through some papers and smaller items. She eased my worry and talked me through the organizational process and helped me along the way while working on her own tasks. When I got overwhelmed she would talk me through it, ask me questions and recommend solutions and alternatives. All the while she kept me at ease and never judged. 


Kris was there with me for hours and when she left I felt like a new person. My room was not overwhelming and it was absolutely possible to tackle the final organizing on my own from that point on. She offered me tips on how to fold my laundry how to organize my belongings, where to put things for easier access, and tips on organization in general. She made everything seem much easier to do from that point forward on my own as well. I would recommend her to ANYONE who needs a little (or a lot) more organization and clarity in their world.            ~ Ashley Kipping ~

I hired Kris when I opened my new business. I wanted someone with great organizational skills to assist me in paper filing, setting up a work station, and creating systems to keep organized and on task. Kris was lovely to work with. She is very detail oriented and fantastic with communication. She incorporated my vision and added her own expert suggestions. I would recommend Kris to anyone! She takes her job seriously, she gets to know her customer, she goes above and beyond because she truly cares about the people she takes on as clients!     ~ Amanda Hlatky ~

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